What Laughter Is Teaching Me...

I’ve always been easy to laugh. My Venezuelan cousins teased me as kids because they’d make up silly jokes that even they didn’t think were funny, and I thought they were hilarious.

It’s almost as if the child in me was tapped into the inherent joy of their silliness rather than getting caught up in what ends up being our adult, intellectualized funny/not-funny pre-requisite for allowing ourselves to laugh.

Facebook Live: Family Patterns Affecting Your Health & Life

My friend and colleague Johanna Lynn from Canada and I did a Facebook Live today where we chatted about how family patterns and ancestry shows up in our life in countless ways.

Love, commitment and respect - The legacy of a communist uncle who leaves a huge void

We buried my uncle yesterday. He died Wednesday night and on Thursday at 3:30 pm I was walking out my front door. 2370 miles and 23 hours later I'd arrive in Venezuela to be with my mother and my cousins during this heartbreaking time.

Juan Carlos Parisca ...

The Power In Dropping All Defenses

Who are you defending yourself against?

This week I'm reflecting on my defenses and how defending myself works against me. In order to help make this more interesting to you (as opposed to being all about me), join me in this exploration. What are you defending yourself against?