"You Are NOT A Victim of Your Genes" ~ Meeting Bruce Lipton

He said it again and again, over the course of the weekend:

"You are NOT a victim of your genes."

This was Bruce Lipton facilitating his workshop at Kripalu, titled "The Grand Convergence of Science and Ancient Religions."

Self-Love As Spiritual Practice = More Love & Healing for The World

What if loving yourself first and foremost is NOT selfish?

What if the ONLY way in which you can truly love others is by loving yourself first?

I know this sounds counter to what many of us were taught. We've learned that it's selfish to put ourselves first, especially when you're a parent.

Many of us in the western world were raised hearing this Christian maxim:

Love thy neighbor as thyself. 

Love vs. Fear = Health Care vs. Sick Care

I'm listening to Anita Moorjani's second book, What If This Is Heaven? 

It has powerfully reminded me of something I've written about before, but this message is the cornerstone of all of health, and frankly happiness in all of life. So unless we're enjoying perfect health and a miraculous life, there's something here for each of us.

Delish Corn Salsa (I'll miss you...)

So if you haven't read my other blog post, I've just started a 6-week keto experiment where I'll only be eating 15 grams of net carbs per day. Yikes!  That means my carbs will only come from kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. 

In preparation for my farewell to carbs for 6-weeks (and because I got invited to a taco party on Sunday, conveniently ;-) I decided to make fresh corn salsa.